Vision & Values

The Penetang Village Square Mall is family owned and operated. Recent upgrades and newly acquired tenants make the mall an attractive place to shop. The owners have invested in Penetanguishene for the long term and they have the experience to provide excellent management and vision for developing Penetang Village Square Mall into the destination and retailers of choice for local residents, visitors and local industry".

Our goal is to make the Village Square Mall something the community can be proud of. In doing so, our mission is to build traffic for our tenants, to enable our tenants to become more profitable, and to encourage ongoing investment in their businesses for future growth. We strive to provide the citizens and tourists of Penetang with a relaxing, enjoyable and convenient shopping experience.

For our Tenants and their Customers

Our mission is to supply the highest quality goods at competitive prices in a highly relaxing, convenient, inviting and clean environment"

We will continue to invest in our facilities, our equipment and our cleanliness program to maintain the confidence with our end customers and our tenants"

Our people will be encouraged to create an atmosphere of cooperation by continually listening and learning from our tenants and their customers. We will promote friendliness to others, safety, and teamwork"

For our Community

By successfully meeting the needs of our tenants, their customers and our people, we will share our good fortune with our community through donations to registered charitable organizations, through sponsorship of activities in the greater mall community and by supporting local community projects"

We desire our mall to be admired and respected within the public community, the local business community, and by our competition"

Our Values
  • We will develop and maintain a service model that supports our tenants,
  • We will have an open business culture among our partner tenants,
  • Above all; honesty, integrity and respect for others,
  • We will help to create and promote a sense of community pride,
  • We will invest with a longer term focus that befits our community and our family commitment,
  • We will assist our tenants in developing 'special events' that provide for social interaction and visitation to our mall and our greater community,
  • We will strive for excellence in everything we do (we can never be satisfied).